An interesting conversation :-)

This happened sometime back. I had it in my disk.

21:34:46) mqu: kjetilho: comments on #203206 sound quite shaking. »no one understands etable« and such.
(21:35:34) mqu: would look like being arrogant if someone actually started working on this, as it seems quite some people didn’t work it out
(21:35:49) mqu: ?
(21:39:30) kjetilho: mqu: no, of course not, patches are always welcome 🙂
(21:41:03) mqu: yes, but if »no one (of the evo team!) understands etable« …
(21:41:04) fejj: heh, everyone who has ever understood that code has left the project/company :p
(21:42:12) fejj: it’s like it takes people a few months of reading that code to figure it out, and then a few months later they leave
(21:42:53) mqu: fejj: does this make sense?
(21:45:00) mqu: fejj: u make me not want to look into the code because i don’t want to find out »few months later« i wasted 0.5% of my life 😦
(21:45:00) chen_afk: mqu:, may be this could help
(21:48:13) You are now known as chen_dinner
(21:48:33) mqu: chen_dinner: wow, someone understood it 🙂 quite a new post, thanks

Srini – the only person now who can keep ETable alive 🙂


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