plugable views

I was thinking of having pluggable calendar views. We currently have four views, Day view, week view, month view and list view. I was  just thinking of having agenda view which could replace the list view. Writing a mono plugin for the same would be nice 🙂


Script to generate VCalendar events

Am writing a python script to generate Vcalendar events. The properties such as
summary, description, location etc. are picked up at random if a text
file is given as an input. The appointments would be created between the
range +-6 months from the current time.

Some numbers and the input file are hard coded. The output is written to
a terminal which can be re-directed to a ics file. Will be enhancing it
to add more properties such as attendees, attachments, alarms etc and
read the properties from a spec file soon. Python is awesome !!! Thanks to nags 🙂

After a long time

Well, have been inactive here for a long time. And johnny woke me up 🙂 Just been fixing some exchange calendar issues. Watched the movie Casanova and Vattram recently. Lost my Malbaro helmet, actually i invited someone to rob it off (careless) 🙂 and had to spend a lot of time amidst a crowd to buy a new one. As helmet has been made manadatory by Karanataka government from Novemeber 1st, all the helmet vendors are on a high nowadays. Filed my OMT and will be having a review shortly 😉

Mark the calendar as default and ignore the highlighted calendar

As we generally look-up free-busy or create/accept appointments in one specific calendar most of the time. It would be better to have
one calendar marked as default rather than changing the default calendars based on the highlighted ones. The “Mark calendar as default” option present in calendar (right click on a calendar source, from left pane)->properties does not seem to work as expected. I am planning to have this option as a menu item on the popup menu similar to “Show only this calendar”.