Migrating appointments from old timezone to updated ones

Since countries such as US, canada and western Australia have changed their daylight savings time for 2007, appointments created before the timezone update in evolution, would be using the old timezones and may appear at wrong times. I have written a tool which would modify the appointments so that they use the updated timezones. Running the tool would update all the appointments which occur after Jan 1 2007 to use the updated timezones. The executable file has been compiled on sled10. The tarball contains the C file and binary. It may not run properly on other distro’s, please install evolution-data-server-devel and libgnome-devel package and compile the file,

$gcc `pkg-config –cflags libecal-1.2` `pkg-config –libs libecal-1.2` `pkg-config –cflags libgnome-2.0` `pkg-config –libs libgnome-2.0`-g -o0 migrate_zones.c -o migrate_zones

After it compiles sucessfully, run the binary. This would update the appointments in the personal calendar and tasks. Re-starting evolution would update GroupWise appointment and tasks.


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