Libical system timezone integration

EDS uses libical library for accessing timezone information. Libical used to maintain its own timezone data and we had to update it, if any zoneinfo changes. With GNOME 2.19.6 libical would read timezones from the system, stored generally at /usr/share/zoneinfo or /usr/lib/zoneinfo or /etc/zoneinfo. The timezone files in libical are not yet removed since win32 would need them. My special thanks to Milan for testing the patch and fixing a crash in 64 bit arch. I thank sankar and andre too for the same. I have tested it throughly in 32 bit machine. Akhil will be building evo in 64 bit machine and will be testing it more. If anyone find any issues, please let know and you will be getting a fix immediately 🙂 I will work out a patch for win32 too during sometime and remove all the files which we maintain in libical. Now except for systems which use windows, all the others can get the latest time zone using libical.


Compiz rocks !!

I started installing opensuse-10.3 using DVD and it took around 4 hours to complete. The system was dead slow. I heard from nags that it was due to the ata driver, may be its not compatible with the hardware in my connoi laptop. Then i just reinstalled opensuse-10.2. I tried using compiz for sometime as sankar wanted it for a demo to the campus students from our college. But it was pretty slow. I thought it cant use for development environment. But in a shortwhile nags, suggested me to update xgl, compiz from . Now its super fast !! Am using it in my development environment 🙂 It simply rocks …

Interesting discounts

My brother logu joined wipro on this friday. I had been a lot busy with him for searching a room for him and finding a SBI account holder for getting a guarentee signature. All freshers who join have to make a deposit of 75,000 and have to sign a bond for 2 years. I went to the garment shop ‘Classic Polo’ in koramangla for getting him a formal dress. After selecting the selecting we went for making the payments. I was surprised when the cashier asked my age. He said that the discount is based on age for the shirts. The percentage was age/2. So i got a discount of 12%. Had i know it before i would taken my grandfather 😉 They asked me to fill up a form and a age proof. We asked whether they ask the same with girls. The answer was simple, its a men’s shop 😉