Google calendar is now in svn GNOME!!

Google calendar is now in svn!! It will be available as part of Evolution-2.21.1 (GNOME-2.21.1) release. As mentioned earlier the features it supports are,

• Viewing default calendar
• Creating/modifying/deleting the appointments

It also provides a Gdata library which can be used by other applications to access the google calendar and also be extended to mail and addressbook as well.

Ebby is currently working on the following features,

• Recurrence support
• Scheduling meetings
• Viewing Multiple folders

Evolution-2.22 will be providing a complete support for Google calendar. Am also happy to announce Ebby as the Evolution Google Calendar Maintainer!! Ebby has been working previously in evolution fixing critical bugs during his college days and later he involved himself in the Google Summer of code project where he worked on the Google calendar project.