Google calendar is now in svn GNOME!!

Google calendar is now in svn!! It will be available as part of Evolution-2.21.1 (GNOME-2.21.1) release. As mentioned earlier the features it supports are,

• Viewing default calendar
• Creating/modifying/deleting the appointments

It also provides a Gdata library which can be used by other applications to access the google calendar and also be extended to mail and addressbook as well.

Ebby is currently working on the following features,

• Recurrence support
• Scheduling meetings
• Viewing Multiple folders

Evolution-2.22 will be providing a complete support for Google calendar. Am also happy to announce Ebby as the Evolution Google Calendar Maintainer!! Ebby has been working previously in evolution fixing critical bugs during his college days and later he involved himself in the Google Summer of code project where he worked on the Google calendar project.


29 thoughts on “Google calendar is now in svn GNOME!!

  1. Fuffo

    “It also provides a Gdata library which can be used by other applications to access the google calendar and also be extended to mail and addressbook as well.”

    Sorry, what do you mean? Will we be able to sync evolution address book and gmail contacts?

  2. Paul

    Perhaps “Google calendar plugin” might be more appropriate.
    “Google Calendar” appearing in GNOME CVS would be quite a coup!

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  6. Markus

    The Google Calendar feature with read/write support seems to work good – but not for german users – they have to use (because of legal issues here in germany) instead of!

    But the plugin – as I saw in the status bar – only checks for so it cannot work!

    Can somebody forward this error to ebby?

    If it will not solved, german users having adresses will not be able to use this feature – so they have to use the Google Data Provider Plugin for Sunbird or Thunderbird+Lightning, instead of Evolution.. (Like me now again..)

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  8. mikeshade

    How about google apps users? Any outlook on allowing Apps for Domains users to access calendar via Evolution? Thanks for the hard work!

  9. trent

    I don’t seem to be able to change the google calendar through evolution still. I’m trying using the supplied Evolution that comes installed by default with Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron). Any suggestions? I can read the calendar, but any changes I make don’t actually stick.

  10. I seem to be having the same issues as trent mentioned above. I’m basically using an “out of box” evolution install on Hardy. I can see the ability to add Google calendars in Evolution, and I can even add them, but nothing imports from my existing google calendar, and nothing I add in Evolution gets sent TO my google calendar.

    For the record, it hasn’t yet asked me for my google password, and when I re-edit the google calendar details in Evolution, my username is blank.

    Any help on this would be great. It looks like a really useful feature, if only I could make it work.

  11. Ebby who used to work on Google calendar is unable to work on it anymore due to his personal reasons. Suman and myself are planning to share the tasks and get thing to work. We will provide the fixes for all the above issue faster.

  12. Cool. That would be great! Thanks for your work on this. If and when it works, I think it’ll be a really popular feature.

  13. Can I 2nd the problem with domain names? I can’t seem to get the ‘write’ functionality working with my Google Hosted email domain (read works fine)..

  14. MaxMex1404

    Hello everbody,

    is there any update with that issue? I am still searching for an easy solution to sync my german gcal with evolution.

  15. Hey! If this works, it may be the last straw to get me to upgrade my nice and stable laptop F8 install to F9!

    (I’m still fighting with getting my Palm Pilot to correctly sync with Evolution, since the gpilotd daemon crashes more than 50% of the time when I sync. I made the mistake of installing a PalmOS update on my Tungsten E, and now the daemon crashes pretty much 100% of the time, unless there are no changes to my address book… 😛 If I could get the Gmail address book to sync though, that would become my “source of record”, and solve a LOT of other problems!!)

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