SLED Beta call

Last week I attended the sled beta since srini had to go for his visa interview. The call was very informative. Guy gave a talk about the multimedia issues w.r.t licensing/trade-mark/copy-rights which stop us from shipping the windows media decoders in order to play .wma files. He also explained how moonlight will be able to play windows media files. He pointed the customers to get the decoders from fluendo and also mentioned the reason why we don’t ship the decoders in sled getting it from fluendo. He was explaining them very clearly and also conveyed the message about how hard our company is trying to get these issues resolved for the customers. Guy also explained that the other OS such as windows also need third party software for dvd playback which sometimes does not strike me as we get the softwares for windows in a dvd along with the dvd players. It would be great if some steps are taken by the dvd player vendors to include the decoding software for linux too. We did not have much issues for evolution. We had a couple of them which was already mentioned in previous calls and just needed some followup.


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