opensuse 10.3 on sony vaio

I just got a sony vaio VGNCR220EL  laptop. I like it very much for the look, lighting of the monitor screen and its fast. It had the windows vista installed on it. Vista was very slow with the visual effects enabled and consumed a lot of memory. I wanted a windows system just for playing games which is only one aspect for which I use it.  So I re-installed  opensuse-10.3 on the system. I was amazed to see that all my devices were automatically detected. I did not need search for any external drivers. The xgl effects which comes with compiz fusion is real fast. With the repository such as, I was able to view all the divx movies after installing the decoders by just one click 🙂 build-service project had made things a lot easier. I had one problem with the network-manager. Its not able to connect to the wireless network if the access point is hidden. I need to sort that out. I have not yet tried using webcam. Need to see if any external drivers are required for it. On the whole am  really happy with sony vaio and opensuse, and I can work from home now 🙂


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