OpenSUSE Linux and Kernel Development workshop at VIT for ConfER ‘2008

Varadhan, myself and Suresh Jayaraman had been to VIT to conduct a workshop on OpenSUSE and Kernel development on March 28th. Around 120 students and professors had registered for the workshop. The organizers had restricted the registration to 120 due to the size of the Conference hall.

Varadhan and me kicked off the OpenSUSE workshop with 10.3 installation. The workshop covered the basics, development and management tools, handling patches, build service etc. Students were overwhelmed by the visual effects, multimedia support and the innovative single-click install utility. We managed to convince students to migrate from various other distros to openSUSE. They have redhat and solaris labs. We also had a chat with OS research team and varadhan would be closely working with them for collaboration between VIT and Novell in research work.

The OpenSUSE workshop was followed by the Kernel development workshop by Suresh Jayaraman. This workshop was aimed at demystifying the kernel development process and encouraging students towards Kernel development. There were lot of activities in the course of workshop which students enjoyed despite the overshot schedule. I compiled and installed a module in the kernel for the first time πŸ™‚

Both the workshops were very well received. The workshop which was originally planned for 4 hrs went up to ~7 hrs with a lot of enthusiasm and interest from the students. There were some students who wanted DVD's for 64 bit and ppc architectures. We just had DVD's for 32 bit arch. Prolly we need to request anja for 64 bit and ppc openSUSE DVD's πŸ™‚


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