Libical – Merging with upstream

We have been hearing that the upstream community is now actively looking at merging all the libical forks. We would also like to merge the libical present in GNOME with the upstream maintained at if am correct. I had a look at the sources in main stream sources, the sources do not have the last six month changes in svn GNOME trunk. So these have to be merged with main stream. We have a bug for the same where this is being discussed. We would like to discuss the same with the upstream maintainer and get things done. Am not sure if we still have the window to add libical as a external dependency for GNOME so that all applications can dynamically link to it. So if we have enough time, it would be great to have this done.


Back from GUADEC

This was the first time I attended GUADEC and it was an awesome experience. Meeting the great hackers like miguel, meeks, federico, jpr, hpj and many more GNOME people was just great. I had heard a lot about miguel from harish, nagappan and varadhan before and I atlast had a chance to see him. After speaking with him, am all poised to complete the c# EDS bindings to the backends.

I started the work on this with the help of nirav who gave me 4 ITO days. Now I will be working in the evenings and complete it. Though we spoke with miguel for around 20 minutes approximately, he provided all the encouragement needed. I really feel the people who are working under him are very lucky.

I spoke with federico about the work happening for EDS calendar memory reduction. Will be sending some of the observations which I made long time back. I need to look at some issues in evolution side w.r.t the same. All the co-gnome hackers whoever we met were kind and interested in contributing to the improvement of the project. We also met andre, guenther, tobias and vuntz. It is so nice to see them in person. Congrats to Olav for this orange pants!! I was expecting to see gicmo and milan, but they could not make it thebackendre which is sad 😦 We also had a chance to meet stormy, would be great to see a GUADEC in India πŸ™‚ I likedΒ  Jonobacken’s (not sure I spell it correclty) songs during the roof partly. We had some good guidance from meeks as usual πŸ™‚ Did not get a chance to speak with ross though.

Attended many interesting talks. I would be happy to see GNOME switching over to git. Matt Web’s keynote was very awesome with so many thoughtful examples. Srini and Johnny made wonderful talks on evolution disk summary and exchange 2007. Miguel’s vision for GNOME was great, waiting for gtksilver tobackend be released!! I felt there was some part which coincided between miguel’s vision and online desktop. Need to read a more about the online desktop. Philip had a lots of questions for srini πŸ˜‰ Baris wanted to write a plugin for evolution to attach mail notes.

On the whole the GUADEC was just great. Experienced the community feeling is for the first time and loved it. Thanks to all the organizers and the volunteers who made this a great event!!