In the past I have had some dreams which came true. I used have some dreams, like walking in some place or speaking to someone and after some days the same situation happens in reality. I would then realize that it is the same place, same time and having the same feeling as it was in dream. Exiting, not sure how it happens. In one of the dreams, I became an eagle and was flying. Ofcourse I know it can never be real. May be, was it my flight journey ? 😉 Yesterday night, I wrote a poem in my dreaming looking at a beautiful girl. I was observing her for a lot of time and then started writing it. I don remember any of the words, but I only know  they were good and I liked it a lot. It impressed her.. I was wondering whether I was thinking about anything related to it before sleeping. Hmm, but I was just runnning my mono test program and got a break through 🙂 Writing mono bindings for mailer providers should be easy. With the same happiness I just slept. The dream was no way related. Well let me see, whether am going to see this dream in reality. If it happens, am lucky 🙂


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