Hackweek update – evolution-mono-providers

During this hackweek, I was working on adding mono loader bindings to EDS backends to facilitate writing backends using mono . There was a confusion about what is evolution-sharp and eds-sharp, to be clear,

evolution-sharp – holds the bindings for eds libraries libecal, libedatacal, camel, libebook, libical etc.

eds-sharp (now renamed as evolution-mono-providers) – holds the mono loader which would load the assemblies into C and will hold backends developed in mono.

During this hackweek I added the bindings for libical and libedatacal into evolution-sharp and completed the interface bindings for all the backend virtual functions in evolution-mono-providers. All the patches for evolution-sharp and evolution-data-server are now in svn HEAD. One can now build and develop evolution-mono-providers.

The more exiting part is that I now got the oppurtunity to use evolution-mono-providers for developing icecore backend. An immediate use of the package developed during hackweek. Am also packaging it for opensuse-11.1 now 🙂

I have package currently in gitorious , would be eventually moving it to svn.gnome.org. There will be lot more work going into it from next week. Though I have a test program for some of the interfaces, I need to write a test suite for the interfaces and a test backend.

I made a bad mistake during the first hack week by writing a hacky code for completing the feature in time and later lost interest to go near it. Second hack week was a good time to fix the memory issues in libical. Now in third I made up mind to complete a proper code and get all the code upstream first before talking about it. Am now happy that all the code is upstream and making use of this package for some great work!!

Thanks to srini and johnny for getting the patches reviewed fast which enabled me to get them upstream.

As I have a better idea now writing the bindings, will be starting the mono loader bindings for mailer in the free time which miguel was very interested in. I would be seeking for some pointers from fejj for that.. May be sankar would also join in for that 🙂


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