slumdog millionaire

Watched the movie yesterday (Republic day). After a long time after wal-E, was happy to watch a good movie! Its about a guy from slum becoming a millionaire through the Tv program. Anil kapoor is unable to digest this fact. So he wants the police to inquire him. The story starts from police station where the guy jamal, explains how he knew the answers from his life. The movie portrays how the people from slums grow up and the difficulties they face. The most important theme is, ‘luck always favors the brave’. Jamal and his brother face every situations bravely and more importantly they are happy with what they have! They keep enjoying every moment in life, irrespective of where they are. And that explains all. Finally police understand that Jamal is pure at heart. Jamal while becoming a millionaire also gets his girl friend back. Jai ho song at the end made us all stay and watch the names of the actors which come at last for which mostly I don sit patiently. On the whole a very nice movie and worth to watch in a theatre.