Market share for an opensource software ?

We were asked by one of the members in our company, how much is the market share for the open-source software which we work on,  Evolution. This was the second time, same question appeared when I was present. As Evolution is the default mail client in GNOME and shipped in many major distros like OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian etc., we said it should high enough.

But how does one estimate the market share for an opensource software ? Any statisticians who are putting those data somewhere for some popular softwares like firefox, evolution, banshee, open-office etc. after survey?


accessing websites using embedded mono

I have embedded mono into my app (evolution-mono-providers) where I was trying to authenticate to google calendar. Though I had the certificates imported using mozroots, access to website failed.  But then I was able to authenticate through a standalone mono program.

After some debugging with ankit, posted the query on the mono-devel mailing list. Robert’s quick response helped me solve the issue 🙂 Calling mono_jit_exec with the assembly compiled as an executable fixes the issue. So one has to call mono_jit_exec for certain defaults to be set correctly in the embedded environment.

Here is the mail thread|a22666273 .

Thanks a lot, ankit and Robert!

First GroupWise mailer patch

I just completed my first gw mailer fix for bug  this week and got the following comment from Dave,

‘Mark reported that for the first time ever he ran all day on Evolution with Chens latest stability patch.  Please, let’s get that merged into the the build so that it’s available in all future released.  Excellent work.’

It fixes some crashes in folder operations such as refreshing folders/moving mails across folders etc. Such a comment, makes me happy to provide more fixes.

keep dreaming the future

‘It is good to have dreams. In fact to achieve something we must have dreams and when dreams do get shattered know that only a dream got shattered. Go ahead and create fresh dreams. We cannot keep weeping on a lost dream.’

Heard this as an answer for a question in one of the recent oneness programs. These keep me motivated.