Market share for an opensource software ?

We were asked by one of the members in our company, how much is the market share for the open-source software which we work on,  Evolution. This was the second time, same question appeared when I was present. As Evolution is the default mail client in GNOME and shipped in many major distros like OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian etc., we said it should high enough.

But how does one estimate the market share for an opensource software ? Any statisticians who are putting those data somewhere for some popular softwares like firefox, evolution, banshee, open-office etc. after survey?


10 thoughts on “Market share for an opensource software ?

  1. You could look into the popularity contest thingies many Debian-based distros use. Problem is though, that you guys do not seem to have determined a proper scope: do you want to know your market share against all other mail clients? Other open source mail clients? In the enterprise? At home? Compared to web-based mail?

    Besides, having it installed does not mean “using it as your prime mail client”. Or even “using it at all”…

  2. I try evolution, thunderbird, and maybe and kmail.

    I’ve never seen a mail client that does what gmail does (conversation threading is crucial for me. I don’t quote text), so I don’t use them. I think it’s confusing that mailto links don’t open my gmail compose form in ubuntu like I want, and I think installing evolution in ubuntu by default is unnecessary bloat.

    I’d not bet on its actual userbase to be as high as you think. That said, there are probably a ton of enterprise users out there who are incredibly grateful for your hard work, so you just keep on doing your thing.

  3. Joe Buck

    Firefox usage is easiest to measure, because the user-agent string is sent to every web site it visits.

    Please resist the temptation to put something similar in Evolution; people aren’t going to want some external entity knowing when they read mail.

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