oneness meditation at oneness temple

Myself and mom were there for the meditation session on 26th and it was extremely nice. The temple now have Air conditioner so we never had to worry about heat. The meditation session included performing some mudras as well. The transportation was good and food arrangements were planned properly. We never had to be in a queue and food also tasted like home food. On the whole, whether to go there for meditation or not, it is a good place to visit for new people.

News –

Oneness meditation has started at oneness temple starting April 26th. People who are interested to meditate or even who wish to visit and see the Asia’s largest pillar-less temple can go there and meditate between morning 10-11 Am or evening 4-5 Pm. If anyone plans to stay there and enjoy the environment for few days, rooms can be booked. AC rooms, normal ones and dormitories are available, contact Ms(or Mrs., I don know 😉 ) Kavithaji – 044-65150501 or for specific details .  The meditation sessions are Free, there is no entrance fee. Accommodations obviously would have some maintenance charges.


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