Whats cooking in evolution?

There are plenty of interesting works going on currently for evolution 2.28,

We will be getting all the above for evolution 2.27.5..  So be ready for them!!

We are also planning to branch evolution 2.27.x a bit early once the freezes start (around july 27) to have the following work merged soon and to get more testing for evolution 3.0,

  • Kill bonobo from evolution (Matthew Barnes)
  • eds-dbus port for calendar (Ross)

Some more under radar for evolution 3.0,

  • IMAP IDLE support
  • Asyncronous operations in mailer
  • Removing ETable from mailer

There are a lot more people behind doing useful contributions to evolution, though I have mentioned only some names above.. Watch the NEWS file updates to know all of them 🙂


11 thoughts on “Whats cooking in evolution?

  1. Simon

    Any plans around using WebKit for HTML rendering, or is gtkhtml sticking around for the foreseeable future?

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  3. Either way, I think GtkHtml will have to stick around a bit longer than we’d like for its editing capabilities. WebKit’s progress on this front seems to have stalled.

  4. Rouven Sacha

    Nothing about Shared IMAP folders? This is a key feature for collaboration which is preventing me and i think a lot of other users from using evo. It was silently dropped a few years ago and never returned. Don’t you people in evo-land use Shared imap folders?

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  6. Rouven, will check out the reason why it was disabled. We would look at getting this enabled after getting the planned items if it would take sometime to implement. Will keep you guys updated on the progress..

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