Evolution with improved IMAP support – IMAPX

I had been working for a while on improving the imap support in evolution. Took the imapx provider which was written by Michael Zuchhi (aka Notzed) and getting it ready for replacing the existing IMAP provider. To summarize what is present,

* Fetch messages in batches
* Fetch messages with large attachments in multiple pieces
* IDLE support (push mail for imap)
* All operations on messages
* Cancel operations

A small screen cast demo of the same 🙂

The items which am working on are,

* Store operations (folder delete/create etc.)
* Preference options
* Connection manager to allow concurrent folder access (configurable one)
* Smart background message caching
* Mutliple namespace support

This design follows most of the aspects which are recommended for an IMAP client. Since we now parse all the unsolicited (aka untagged) responses from the server, syncing the changes is just instant when comparing with the existing imap provider even without the IDLE support. Users who live in inbox are going to love this 🙂

I would be working agressively to provide a wonderful imap experience with evolution for all evo fans 🙂  With akhils’s help we are setting up a server with multiple namespaces to test shared, public folders. If anyone can provide me an account with servers configured with multiple namespaces, it would be of great help.

If you need anything more get in touch 🙂 Also send ur kudos to Michael Zuchhi!!