Evolution with improved IMAP support – IMAPX

I had been working for a while on improving the imap support in evolution. Took the imapx provider which was written by Michael Zuchhi (aka Notzed) and getting it ready for replacing the existing IMAP provider. To summarize what is present,

* Fetch messages in batches
* Fetch messages with large attachments in multiple pieces
* IDLE support (push mail for imap)
* All operations on messages
* Cancel operations

A small screen cast demo of the same šŸ™‚

The items which am working on are,

* Store operations (folder delete/create etc.)
* Preference options
* Connection manager to allow concurrent folder access (configurable one)
* Smart background message caching
* Mutliple namespace support

This design follows most of the aspects which are recommended for an IMAP client. Since we now parse all the unsolicited (aka untagged) responses from the server, syncing the changes is just instant when comparing with the existing imap provider even without the IDLE support. Users who live in inbox are going to love this šŸ™‚

I would be working agressively to provide a wonderful imap experience with evolution for all evo fans šŸ™‚Ā  With akhils’s help we are setting up a server with multiple namespaces to test shared, public folders. If anyone can provide me an account with servers configured with multiple namespaces, it would be of great help.

If you need anything more get in touch šŸ™‚ Also send ur kudos to Michael Zuchhi!!


46 thoughts on “Evolution with improved IMAP support – IMAPX

  1. Mattias Holmlund

    Great to see that Evolution IMAP gets some attention. Please check that the code works correctly on suspend/resume as well. If you close the lid on your laptop so that it suspends for a few hours and then open it, all the tcp-sessions will have timed out on the server but Evolution may still think that they are alive and try using them. This leads to very long timeouts before Evolution works correctly again after a resume.

  2. Frej Soya

    There is is some visual clutter/flicker in the statusbar, maybe just showing the number of pending actions pr. account instead of each operation?

    That’s the crappy part, we always ask for more šŸ˜‰

  3. Bharath Acharya

    Fantastic update for the world. Waiting eagerly for the connection manager next šŸ˜€ Hungry for more

  4. Srini

    Chen, don’t forget to include the server-hacks that are present in the current imap connector. Its a good think to work around the broken imap servers. Users gonna need that.

  5. I appreciate all your comments, thanks everyone šŸ™‚

    @Frej one is a progress messages and other is status which evo produces while adding the messages which can be hidden.

    @srini yes am frequently looking at the old imap code as well to check for the hacks. But not adding all of them, ignoring ones like hacks for exchange 5.5..

    @sankar thanks and I also love gmail šŸ™‚ evo has some good things to take from there too..

    special thanks to @abharath @jony and @akhil šŸ™‚

  6. Srini

    Frej/Chen: Its because, the message list regens. The regen of message list should be killed and dynamic update of message list should be done. Have a look at Anjal, it uses a dynamic update of message list and no regen.

  7. yann

    The number of emails found in “Stable” is not the same with the 2 versions of evolution. Bug or feature? šŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the work!

  8. @Srini yup thats correct.

    @yann good observation šŸ™‚ its because as the messages were fetched, i was reading some them, so the unread count decreased in imapx. I never refreshed the folder from old version to get that reflected there..

  9. seb

    It is great that you tackle IMAP on Evolution, sadly it comes a bit to late as I just moved away from Evolution to the new thunderbird (and IMAP). I was just getting to many crashed with Evolution šŸ˜¦

    Trust me I will return!

  10. Bruce

    Nice. Unfortunately for me it hung within one or two minutes of using it.

    FWIW, here is what I did ..
    – Installed
    – Went through the setup wizard, selected IMAP rather than IMAP+. Also selected TLS encryption, Password Authentication

    Would not show any folders. Exit and restart Evolution. Edit->Preferences. Changed type to IMAP+. Got prompted for password. Exit settings, still no folders.
    Back into Preferences, Changed Security under “Receiving Email” to “SSL encryption”. Clicked OK. OK button “depresses” but now all of evolution is hung.

  11. Just back after leave. Thanks jakub, varadhan, robin, seb, Xav, thibauly, aimbot and mano šŸ™‚

    @rita yes it would be ready for 2.30. copy/move messages between folders in offline will not be available though.

    @Bruce, please send me the gdb traces (pchen at gnome dot org)

    @Thibault its being developed in master branch (aka HEAD with svn).

  12. Michael

    Oh boy, when did I write that – 4 years ago? I’m surprised anything is salvageable really.

    Although IIRC the code ended up somewhat simpler and the support for lots of ‘features’ just came as a side effect. It seemed to me to map more to how IMAP was intended to be used in the first place – it isn’t really all that complicated but the original IMAP code turned it into a monster. Camel in general was over-engineered I think – if I were to do it again the main theme would be simplification, and streaming/iterators, so no one operation takes too long and can be easily stopped.

    There was also less of a need for workarounds because it didn’t use features like retrieving messages by part number or the weird s-expression ‘compact header format’ – which were both a real mess to implement to start with, and *very*few* servers ever implemented properly. e.g. instead it retrieves just full message headers and does local parsing which is known to be correct, and retrieves message content by byte range and multiplexes those fetches asynchronously and pipelined to achieve much better interactive response and higher overall throughput as well.

    Good to hear it’s finally seeing the light of day anyway, in some form or another. In hindsight I should’ve just pushed it into the release (as an option) as soon as it did anything remotely useful.

    I was always far too cautious when working with the ‘production’ code base.

  13. @michael needless to say, you are obsolutely right šŸ™‚ I can see how bad our existing imap provider is.

    Async streaming camel apis are definetly needed to leverage this design. Also to allow operations in the back-ground when needed, especially when the users want to skim through a lot of mails.

    Maybe if imapx had come up before, many backends such as groupwise, mapi etc. would have followed this design rather than a sync one.

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  15. i’m running 2.29.91 on Ubuntu 10.04 beta from ppa at https://launchpad.net/~francesco-marella/+archive/unstable-evolution

    till so far it seams to work nicely in my daily usage and i’m testing it to see if i can use it as a Thunderbird alternative.

    i’m using it as an imap client to a zimbra server so the imapidle functionality is what i am looking for.

    imap-idle seems to work, sort off, i don’t have to press the send receive button but i still need to refresh the inbox folder by selecting another folder and then select my inbox again.

    its almost there……

  16. It’s worth pointing out, especially to Bruce above, that all of your cached message headers will be gone if you switch to this provider. So Evolution will have to fetch headers for all those thousands of messages you have in your Gmail account, again. I thought it hung too, but it does work…eventually. And that’s no fault of this code.

  17. Hi,
    I’m testing Evolution 2.30.1 with my own mail server and have quickly implemented RFC 2177, however evolution seems to not issue the “IDLE” command…

    The only place where I see “IDLE” in the communication transcript is when the server replies to CAPABILITY.

    I am a bit puzzled as I was expecting IDLE to work in this version of evolution…

  18. Replying to myself, I had to explicitly enable IMAP+ protocol for the account. Wasn’t expecting the config to contain two imap options…

  19. Cedric, there was a bug in 2.30.x where the idle was not enabled by default and one needs to enable from account preferences. Just make sure to enable it. This has been fixed in 2.31.x.

    The option is ‘Enable IDLE if the server supports it’.

    What is the imap server your using?

  20. B. Johannessen

    Still doesn’t show my shared folders from Courier. Too bad; I really want to like Evolution, and I try out about once every year, but have to give up due to abysmal IMAP support. Was hoping this update would at least give me access to my shared folders, but sadly no. So; I guess it’s back to Mutt for another year!

  21. Ravindra Pawar

    if i want to get mail with in date range ,supposed like: want to get mail between 29-Nov-2011 to 30-Nov-2011 than what to do?how to write search query. using imapx

  22. Michael Lipp

    I tried out IMAP+ and it looks good. What currently prevents me from using it permenantly is that it doesn’t support a “real trash folder” like the “old IMAP” does. This is really crucial for me because I also use other mail clients and they tend to clean the INCOMING folder from mails marked as deleted, meaning that mails get lost although I haven’t emptied the trash.

  23. Luis Claudio

    I upgrade my debian to jessie and switch the account from imap to imapx. Now I am not able to see message in Inbox, I can only see subfolders. Evolution version is 3.12.2 and the imap server capability response is: * OK [CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1 UIDPLUS CHILDREN NAMESPACE THREAD=ORDEREDSUBJECT THREAD=REFERENCES SORT QUOTA IDLE ACL ACL2=UNION STARTTLS] Courier-IMAP ready. Copyright 1998-2005 Double Precision, Inc.

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