Evolution 2.30 released!!

This is one of the memorable releases of evolution considering the amount of work which has gone into this release.  We could consider this as a preview for GNOME 3.0. To provide a snapshot of the major changes in this release,

  • Diligent UI re-architecture to give farewell to bonobo.
  • Improved imap implementation with live view updates, non-blocking operations and IDLE support, IMAPX.
  • DBus transport replacing bonobo for address-book and calendar.
  • GNOME 3.0 cleanup tasks. Gets rid of LibGnome, LibGnomeUi, LibArtLgpl, LibGLade.
  • Evolution-mapi with push mail support and reduced memory footprint.
  • Contacts map  plugin.

Getting rid of bonobo from evolution was not only a cleanup work, but it enables evolution to shed off lot of weight to get flying.  This has provided a lot of positive side-effects,  one of the best which needs to be quoted is the startup speed of preference dialog. Evolution is now sleak and fast. If one has used the previous versions of evolution,  no one needs to explain for appreciating the work. All credits goes to Matthew Barnes who has done an extra-ordinary job here.

We also have the new imap implementation IMAPX, which provides substantial performance improvements over the old imap provider making all the operations non-blocking in nature.

Credits to Ross Burton for replacing  bonobo with dbus transport in EDS.  This would pave way for us to fix some out-standing issues which had been put aside waiting for this change to dbus.  There is also some work-in-progress for making this extremely stable in threaded environment.

We have listed the probable tasks which would be taken up for the future releases at http://live.gnome.org/Evolution/PlanningFuture.  We would be picking up some tasks from there for Evolution 3.0 depending on the effort available. If you have suggestions  feel free to get in touch with us to get it added..

Thanks to Akhil Laddha (bug master), Milan Crha (patch master), Johnny Jacob, Bharath Acharya and all others (many to list everyone here.. ) who have made significant contributions for making this release successful. Thanks to all the contributors, translators, distributors and users!!


22 thoughts on “Evolution 2.30 released!!

  1. Simon

    And somewhat embarrassingly, the released tarball doesn’t even compile, requiring an immediate patch. How the hell did that slip through?

  2. Stéphane Démurget

    Kudos to everybody involved! This release features a tremendous work and was only accomplished by a set of few, experienced developers: really impressive!

  3. Simon

    Ah, I see – so there was some confusion over whether the deprecated macros would be enabled or disabled for Gnome 2.30?

  4. Wendell MacKenzie

    Segfaults as soon as I load it now…:(

    Is this a new feature?

    using as part of the updated 2.30 gnome repo @ opensuse.

  5. Wendell MacKenzie

    culprit is the evolution-mono-plugins. removed and its working. if you want a backtrace in gdb fire me an email.

  6. nona

    Any hope for splitting up the UI into separate contacts/calendar/email apps in the future? (à la Apple’s Mail/Addressbook/iCal)

  7. @Wendell we would better remove the mono-plugins. Will put a fix in opensuse for the same.

    @nona, the work is already going on in evolution-express branch 🙂 With removal of bonobo it is much easier to get it done now.

  8. Hi. The work done on evolution 2.30 was really great. Removing the use of bonobo really made me and a lot of users very happy. The UI seems a lot more responsive now too.
    But I have a question. Are there plans to get rid of libgnomecanvas dependency?

  9. So after examining the page I still don’t get it:

    Is a completely tabbed interface (like Thunderbird got it lately) planned or being worked on?

    As far as I could see, this branch is also about netbooks and smaller screens. Are you going to merge the back to master or is there going to be an evolution-express version?

    Not that a smaller interface couldn’t be something normal users can possibly benefit from… 😉

  10. While the work gets done for the tabbed interface for netbook, the code would be shared with the general evolution as well. So we would make certain features commonly available for both express and normal versions. I would consider tabbed interface for viewing mails/folders is common one. And you would still have a choice to go with tabs in preferences.

  11. Ferhat

    Hi, from my point of view mapi support still buggy, i can not send emails with chars like “< etc.", couldn't get the issue, digging with encoding. On the other hand, it is indeed a progress from 28-30, also address book is working now, however my company contains 270k entries and e-addressbook-factory consumes 400mb apprx, calendar is another issue too :), whining too much :), hope we get better at 3.0, Keep it guys!

  12. Congratulations. However it’s just a pity that again and again IMAP support still lacks some features, such as remote Trash and remote Junk folder support. Yes I know it’s not in the standard IMAP specs, yet everyone supports them but Evolution. If someone knows how to activate those I’m all ears. In the meantime, I use Thunderbird.

  13. Davesh

    Hi – I’ve tried this version and I still have an issue that I need your help with: when I mark a message as read in Evolution, it does not reflect in the IMAP server until I ‘Send/Receive’ or exit Evo. Is this by design? The only workaround for this to happen automatically is to set the option to auto check for mail every minute…

  14. Jonx

    Hello, the source code is enormous, would you mind pointing me to the project where I can see how you make use of ImapX? I also want to use it and I’m sure this is a very good starting point for me. Thank you…

  15. Ruslan

    Hello. When will be implement an options to minimize to tray on close? Like in Outlook?

    Thank you for your work

  16. Johnny

    I second Rusian’s idea! I would love to free up the “taskbar” space.

    So I’ve been reading about the evolution-mapi push mail support, but I have yet to get it to work. Is there something that needs to be enabled?


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