Lightening up Evolution with Exchange Web Services

Off-late we have been working quite aggressively on improving our exchange connectivity using Exchange Web Services .  Some evolution hackers sat together during GUADEC 2010 and discussed on the focus areas which our community users as well as corporates would be interested in. Exchange Web Services was on top of the list and David Woodhouse kick-started the work at the same time!  The development went on in David’s repo – and you can watch out the progress there..









The festival season has started for evolution exchange and we have evolution showing the folders, mails and meetings using Exchange Web Services.  We currently just have the read-only support for mailer and calendar at the moment and we are working towards providing a complete support for calendar, mails and contacts.

Its always very nice to thanks all the contributors. Thanks to David Woodhouse who kick-started it, Michael meeks he is always there :), Johnny, Bharath Acharya, Akhil  Laddha, Chen, Fridrich who has been constantly getting it to compile on Windows…

There are more developers getting involved now and thanks to the organizations for supporting the development!! We are looking forward to deliver the package by the beginning of May 2011 for all the users.. One would be able to use EWS connector with Evolution version 2.32 onwards..

13 thoughts on “Lightening up Evolution with Exchange Web Services

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  2. Parag Kumar

    > Some evolution hackers sat together during GUADEC 2010 and…

    Please sit together during 2011 hackfest and finish this 🙂

  3. Jonas

    Great initiative! I’ve been looking into getting Evolution to connect to our shiny(!) new Exchange 2010 server. Evolution-EWS seems to be the best way forward, but with the latest from Git I’m just getting:

    ‘Error while Scanning folders in “Exchange server”.

    No response.’

    Is there any way I can help out in getting this working with Exchange 2010?

  4. Christoph Linder

    Long time no update. Is this still ongoing?

    I’m a developer myself and would like to help if that’s possible…

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