Setting right relationships

Without getting into the specfics, am going to share some happenings over the recent past. Don’t ever consider me as an expert or a philosopher. But just a young guy experimenting with what Sri Sri Bhagavan, the Founder of Oneness university taught me. And don’t ever create a image about me by this. If you do not want to read the story, skip to summary. Alright lets get on..

While at work I had been having some issues which prolonged for a long time (3+ years) and finally led me to think strongly about resigning. Last week, due to the love of my mother and SriMurthy Bhagvan who asked me to meet Sri Sri Bhagvan at Oneness, I went there. The conversation lasted for around half an hour. While I said, am going to resign, He said not to resign and asked to set right the relationship on the contrary. He explained in a great deal about the role relationship plays  which was beyond imagination and pit-falls in J Krishnamurthy’s teachings.

I did understand it theoretically but not very much practically. So while coming over in the bus, there were a lot of conversations going on. The thoughts which flowed were trying to find a way to set right the relationship with my boss. There were a lot of justifications and blames. The fluctuations in mental stands were evident and i could not find a way with it. Finding reasons for setting relationship is a play of the mind, which is a result of thinking. Suddenly in the morning, it became crystal clear.

The way was just to set the intent and be in the present. The significant part is not to think or make any effort. Thinking is a vicious circle. It would just justify itself and keep looking right always (at-least for me 😉 ). Being in the present without an intent also does not produce result, i can say this with my experience in cricket.

So intent+awareness=result is the key. Setting the relationship inside oneself leads to joy which is a clear symptom. The outward one will automatically get fixed with intent+awareness.

What Sri Sri Bhagvan explained me was, If the relationship inside is alright, rest of the part, such as job, new house, vehicle, anything etc. will come as a by-product automatically. The relationship got set-right once I came to office and I knew it was fixed even while I started my journey back from oneness university.

He asked me to take one relationship (a close one, eg: mother) and work on all aspects completely. I should remain on the findings, without trying to fix it. Started on it, lets see how it goes 😉

Am certainly very happy to be a part of oneness university 🙂

To summrize:

Intent + awareness = result.

There should not be any reason for enjoying a good relationship with people. For reasons are always bound to change.


self introspection and ‘My experiments with truth’

There has been some issues  hindering my work for quite sometime.  With the help of teachings/realizations from oneness and ‘‘ I was able to constantly get over it. But suddenly I was confused again whether the current direction would lead anywhere and remained in it hoping I would get someone to guide.

I used to get guidance from Harish Krishnaswamy w.r.t directions related to my work and later after he left, used to seek my mother’s guiadance though she has no real idea of software industry. She usually gets answers through her prayers and they have served flawlessly when I outght to make some critical decisions. Though I would just get to know only ‘yes or no’ from her. Sometimes my reasoning will coincide with her answer and many times it wont. Later in time I would be surprised to see the reason behind her answer. At times it would be comical to look back on my reasoning  foolishness. This has constantly led me to renounce my thoughts and take no credit for my action. [i have some discussions with other people, but i will omit them as they are co-workers atm]

Many a times, there has been a quite a lot of youtube videos and forwarded messages that came to rescue.  I started seeking guidance from God with some reasoning rather than ‘yes’ or ‘no’. While I waited for a while lingering on the confusion with no hope that the hindering issues will be solved, suddenly I came across Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography, ‘My experiments with truth’.

Reading this autobiography just reinforced me to seek the Truth again. The fear of uncertainty on the unsolved and long standing issues was certainly confusing whether I was on the right path and at right place. But reading and digesting the life of Gandhi the confusion has vanished 🙂 Some quotes which I would like to remember and re-inforce,

‘ I have found by experience that man makes his plans to be often upset by God, but, at the same time where the ultimate goal is the search of truth, no matter how a man’s plans are frustrated, the issue is never injurious and often better than anticipated’

This was the answer for me 🙂

There were certain other quotes which I liked that added as a knowledge and making me extremely humble,

‘That the good of the individual is contained in the good of all. That a lawyer’s work has the same value as the barber’s inasmuch as all have the same right of earning their livehood from their work’

‘Hate the sin and not the sinner’ This which I also realized from JKrishnamurthy’s talk where he says ‘Knowledge in relationship is destructive’. On my introspection into these leads to say, in trying to act intelligently we may think that attaching a character to a person is useful. But overtime am realizing through experiences that a conscious act using the knowledge would cause differences in dealing with people and move one away from humility, truth.  More of these characterization in memory leads to unwanted burden of conversation between thoughts in mind, which becomes a real struggle later.

I also liked Gandhi’s view on parenting Part III, chapter 6, spirit of service (Page:191).  His ways to impart spiritual and litreture teachings for children at  Part IV, chapter 32, As Schoolmaster to chapter 34, Training of the spirit (page:311-318, in my edition).

I also realized the power of vow from this reading. I have taken a vow this Sunday April 17th and it is working wonderfully well though there were some tests. I will wait for couple of months more before I speak about the vow.  I would probably read Bhagvad Gita as well.

oneness meditation at oneness temple

Myself and mom were there for the meditation session on 26th and it was extremely nice. The temple now have Air conditioner so we never had to worry about heat. The meditation session included performing some mudras as well. The transportation was good and food arrangements were planned properly. We never had to be in a queue and food also tasted like home food. On the whole, whether to go there for meditation or not, it is a good place to visit for new people.

News –

Oneness meditation has started at oneness temple starting April 26th. People who are interested to meditate or even who wish to visit and see the Asia’s largest pillar-less temple can go there and meditate between morning 10-11 Am or evening 4-5 Pm. If anyone plans to stay there and enjoy the environment for few days, rooms can be booked. AC rooms, normal ones and dormitories are available, contact Ms(or Mrs., I don know 😉 ) Kavithaji – 044-65150501 or for specific details .  The meditation sessions are Free, there is no entrance fee. Accommodations obviously would have some maintenance charges.

Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

The last lecture from Randy Pausch, Carnegie Mellon Professor. My cousin thiagu pointed me to a youtube video and asked me to watch it. I just loved watching this video, every moment in this video is filled with fun and insights. The speech is kept very simple for anyone to understand. I felt more attached as my father was also a professor like randy.

I would suggest this one of the MUST watch videos. I have downloaded this video and have it on my disk if someone wants to scp it 😉

Coincidentally am hearing a lot about dreams nowadays, so don blame me 🙂


In the past I have had some dreams which came true. I used have some dreams, like walking in some place or speaking to someone and after some days the same situation happens in reality. I would then realize that it is the same place, same time and having the same feeling as it was in dream. Exiting, not sure how it happens. In one of the dreams, I became an eagle and was flying. Ofcourse I know it can never be real. May be, was it my flight journey ? 😉 Yesterday night, I wrote a poem in my dreaming looking at a beautiful girl. I was observing her for a lot of time and then started writing it. I don remember any of the words, but I only know  they were good and I liked it a lot. It impressed her.. I was wondering whether I was thinking about anything related to it before sleeping. Hmm, but I was just runnning my mono test program and got a break through 🙂 Writing mono bindings for mailer providers should be easy. With the same happiness I just slept. The dream was no way related. Well let me see, whether am going to see this dream in reality. If it happens, am lucky 🙂

Interesting discounts

My brother logu joined wipro on this friday. I had been a lot busy with him for searching a room for him and finding a SBI account holder for getting a guarentee signature. All freshers who join have to make a deposit of 75,000 and have to sign a bond for 2 years. I went to the garment shop ‘Classic Polo’ in koramangla for getting him a formal dress. After selecting the selecting we went for making the payments. I was surprised when the cashier asked my age. He said that the discount is based on age for the shirts. The percentage was age/2. So i got a discount of 12%. Had i know it before i would taken my grandfather 😉 They asked me to fill up a form and a age proof. We asked whether they ask the same with girls. The answer was simple, its a men’s shop 😉