Google calendar is now in svn GNOME!!

Google calendar is now in svn!! It will be available as part of Evolution-2.21.1 (GNOME-2.21.1) release. As mentioned earlier the features it supports are,

• Viewing default calendar
• Creating/modifying/deleting the appointments

It also provides a Gdata library which can be used by other applications to access the google calendar and also be extended to mail and addressbook as well.

Ebby is currently working on the following features,

• Recurrence support
• Scheduling meetings
• Viewing Multiple folders

Evolution-2.22 will be providing a complete support for Google calendar. Am also happy to announce Ebby as the Evolution Google Calendar Maintainer!! Ebby has been working previously in evolution fixing critical bugs during his college days and later he involved himself in the Google Summer of code project where he worked on the Google calendar project.


Authenticated Web calendars

We now have the support for authenticating to shared web calendars. Milan has added a user-name field in new calendar dialog. Filling the user-name would mean web calendar requires authentication and would trigger a password prompt. Now we don’t require the workaround of passing the user-name/password inside the webcal url as before.

New Calendar Dialog

Timezone update in evolution

I just saw davyd’s blog about timezone updates. The timezone information generated by vzic converter is not correct for some locations. Perth is one of them. The generated file did not include any information about daylight savings changes. The timezone information updated in evolution has the right information and has been validated against and exchange server. Please feel free to add comments to the bug if you find any outdated timezone which is not addressed by this patch.

re-entrant calendar cache

Yesterday I submitted the patch which makes ECalBackendCache thread safe. Initially i just thought of making it thread safe using GMutex, but this will block mutliple threads reading the Cache. Looking through devhelp, found GStaticRWLock which sufficed my need. With this multiple threads can read the cache at the same time, but if a thread wants to write something into the cache, all the other threads would be blocked. After testing the patch with various operations, attached it to bugzilla 🙂
And while testing i found the a major bug, where the groupwise calendars got deleted when a new calendar is added. I debugged it for a while and informed the issue to harish. Filed a bug for the same.

go crashers go !!!

I was working on some of the crashers last week. Have fixed around three major ones. Have attached the patches for 343396, 351330 (this made my head roll :-)). The third one is on the way for making ECalBackendCache thread safe, am testing the patch right now, it would fix 346673. Thanks to dave for providing the valgrind traces which was very useful in sorting out 346673 and 343396. There are still some invalid reads in weather calendar backend and during the EDS shutdown when the last client goes down. We should manage the operations in a better way before closing EDS. This holds good for evolution too when EDS goes down due to some crash. And for 2.8.1 me and harish are planning to work on all the major crashers in bugzilla. Lets make things solid 😉

Improving evolution tasks

tasks pngI was trying to use the task component for adding the tasks for a week.  Realized that it had some missing things,

  • No way to query for
    • tasks due today
    • tasks due for current week
  • Reminders for tasks
  • Recurring tasks

Some of them already lie in bugzilla. The default view can be formatted much better. While looking at outlook, noticed the timeline feature for tasks, it was really nice. Recently gour pinged me for having multiple priorities. I will be exploring more on improvising this component for 2.9.